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Cool Loudspeakers for Stereo and Home Theater.

I reimagine and redesign vintage mass market speakers, transforming them into a loudspeaker system that is functionally a modern, high performance reflection of the original speaker design. My RestoMod speaker projects are filmed and uploaded to my Speaker Building YouTube channel, so I can share my passion for speaker building with others, in an entertaining and informative way.

The speakers that I build, are for sale to audiophile vintage speaker collectors, and just regular folks who love great sounding, super cool loudspeakers.

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RestoMod Speakers

Thank YOU for visiting WATT SPEAKERS

Customized Vintage Loudspeakers for Home Audio, Stereo and Home Theater

I acquire old speakers that are in decent shape, then plan a modern high performance bang for the buck DIY speaker building project around them, utilizing the original vintage speaker cabinets and grilles as the foundation for a modern, high performance speaker system.

I have a passion for speakers and great audio sound quality. I've been messing around with speakers since I was a kid, and I enjoy transforming them so they out perform the original loudspeaker design and build from the factory.

I share my DIY speaker building projects with others like me... like you perhaps! 

All of my speaker projects are filmed, edited and uploaded to my YouTube channel. My viewers get to experience first hand, right along side me, the joy of speaker building, as I make my way through each RestoMod Speaker Project, phase by phase, through to completion.

My YouTube channel differs from many other DIY audio and speaker related channels, because my viewers experience what I'm doing, as I'm doing it, understanding why I'm doing it and the results of whatever it was I accomplished, (or failed at), in my DIY RestoMod Speaker Building projects.

WATT is an acronym for World According to Todd a.k.a. Speakerboy Loudspeakers.

If you're interested in purchasing any of my speakers, or want me to work on your speakers, you'll have custom speakers that not only sound great, but are truly unique. They are one of a kind, handcrafted super cool speakers, with a video history of when and how they were built, how they measured and sounded, and all that it took to build those speakers.

The WATT YouTube channel is meant to be as entertaining and informative as I can make a technical subject. My channel and website are meant for everyone who enjoys speakers and speaker building.

Thanks for visiting the website!

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Interested in buying speakers, selling speakers, or having me build customer speakers for you, or just interested in my speaker projects or Youtube Channel? Simply reach out today and I'll get back to you by the next busines day or sooner.


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